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Report of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic

Category: News 8.09.2008 12:35
  • The ambassador Mr. Boris Frlech, the chief of the observation mission of the Democratic Reforms and Human Rights Office of OSCE dealing with the Presidential election which would be held in Azerbaijan with the delegation he headed met with Ramiz Rzayev, the chairman of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic.
    Being pleased of greeting respected guests in Azerbaijan, the chairman of the Supreme Court gave the information about the work carried out in the area of modernizing of the judicial system, raising of the efficiency of justice, ensuring the pre-eminence of law and also emphasized that all of these served for the reliable defense of human rights and freedoms.
    Attracting everybody’s attention to the democratic Presidential election the chairman of the Supreme Court noticed that all comments, suggestions, complaints of the electors which would be addressed to the courts on election day would be considered thoroughly.
    The ambassador Boris Frlech appreciated for a worm meeting and noticed that they arrived to Azerbaijan to pursue the election process.
    The head of the delegation noticed that they would be in Azerbaijan till the end of october and they would liaise densely with the Supreme Court during this term. The ambassador Mr. Boris Frlech noticed that there would be made reports connected with the preparation of Presidential election and with the result of the election.
    During the meeting useful discussions about the defense of human rights and freedoms and about the Presidential election were carried out.
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