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To the employees of Justice and the Court of the Azerbaijan Republic

Category: Interviews, speeches 18.12.2009 12:35
  • Dear workers of Justice, judges and veterans, 

    Warmly congratulate you on the 90 th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Justice. 

    The justice system in Azerbaijan has a rich history. This story, which the foundation was laid in the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, reflects the struggle of our people for independence, its glorious past. November 14, 1918 approved the Regulations of the Chamber of Azerbaijan, providing for the creation based on democratic principles of the judicial system, and November 22 - Regulation of the Ministry of Justice, a number of decisions, legislation developed in the field of justice and judicial administration. 

    During the Soviet period the repeated changes of legal policy in accordance with the opportunistic interests, abolition and the re-establishment of the judiciary and the court prevented the formation of a stable system of justice. Only after the coming to power of national leader Heydar Aliyev, beginning with the 1970s judiciary and the court entered a stage of sustainable development. 

    Political and economic downturn, born of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan and the struggle for power, the threat of civil war, massive violation of human rights, crisis management and law in the early years of state independence of Azerbaijan led to the fact that our state was faced with the reality of death. Through determination and political will of national leader Heydar Aliyev, had returned in such a dire situation at the insistence of the people to political power, the country started to ensure political stability, building a democratic state, including judicial and legal reform. 

    As a result, the country established the legislative framework that meets international standards, established a new judicial system based on democratic principles, expanded the powers of the judiciary, was put in place new challenges on the basis of transparent procedures create a professional corps of judges and Justice. 

    Appreciating the role of the judiciary and the court in ensuring the rule of law, formation and implementation of unified state policy in the field of justice, the development of the legal system as a whole, the national leader Heydar Aliyev in order to ensure succession announced November 22 the day of the professional holiday of workers of Justice. 

    The Presidential Decree of 19 January and 17 August 2006 identified a new stage of development of the Court and Justice, created the conditions for improving the judicial system in accordance with the requirements of the modern period, the expansion of legal infrastructure in the country. 

    At the current stage of reforms the main objective of courts and justice are to ensure the needs of people in legal institutions and legal assistance, creation of a new generation of judges and lawyers, enhancing judicial independence and credibility, facilitating recourse to the courts and the judiciary. 

    Improving the legal system is also aimed at building on the level of modern requirements to the population of notarial and other legal services, the state registration of legal entities and individuals, the work of forensic, prison and law enforcement. 

    At present, the bodies of the court and justice are tasks such as law enforcement and further improving the efficiency of justice, legislation and legal education, human rights protection, humanization policy of punishment, the use of new information technologies, building human capacity, consisting of well-trained lawyers. 

    I am confident that courts and Justice will continue our efforts to build rule of law, and honorably discharged the next task. 

    Dear workers of Justice, judges and veterans, 

    Once again I congratulate you on the 90-year anniversary and wish you success in your activities in the name of justice. 

    Ilham Aliyev 
    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 
    Baku city, November 21, 2008.

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