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Interregional seminar on combating trafficking

Category: News 17.11.2009 12:35
  • From 9 to 11 November 2009 in the capital of Turkmen Republic Ashgabat city hold on the second interregional seminar on strengthening cooperation between law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial authorities of the countries of origin, transit and destination, in response to human trafficking in Central Asia. the seminar was organized by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, in cooperation  with the OSCE and IOM.  
    The chairman of the judicial collegiums on cases of military courts of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Shahin Yusifov attended on seminar as delegation from Azerbaijan. Among the participants were the prosecutors, court and law enforcement bodies of the five countries of Central Asia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and UAE. There are also were invited experts from France, Italy, USA, staff members of Interpol.
    At the 4th session of the seminar, Mr. Sh. Yusifov made a presentation on the exchange of experience in the field of formal international legal cooperation in investigating and adjudicating cases related to trafficking. Members of the delegation from Azerbaijan took an active part in the deliberations and discussions, shared experiences in the investigation of transnational crimes associated with trafficking in persons, discussed ways of international cooperation in order to better investigate this category of cases, as well as providing the necessary assistance and protection to trafficking victims.

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