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The Conference devoted to the Project on the International Judicial Management was held in Istanbul

Category: News 13.11.2009 12:35
  • The Fourth International Conference devoted to “the International Judicial authority and Management of judicial bodies” was held on November 2-4, 2009 in Turkey, Istanbul.
    Participant of the delegation from Azerbaijan, the head of Staff of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic Alirza Karimov took part in the conference.
    “The Project on the International Judicial Management ”(UYAP) was comprehensively discussed at the conference. Such aspects, as activity and management of judicial bodies, especially designed construction of the court buildings, its repair, supply by the information technology and modern communication facility, by energy, water, cars and special technics were discussed. 
    Members of delegation from Azerbaijan took part in discussions and drew attention of representatives of the various countries to positive experience of the activity of the courts of Azerbaijan Republic, and answered the questions on this theme during meetings and conversations.

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