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The meeting in Supreme Court related to the Presidential Elections

Category: News 2.04.2018 12:35
  •      On 2nd of April 2018, the delegation led by Head of Election Observation Mission of the OSCE office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Mrs. Corien Jonker who were on the visit in our country related to the upcoming President election met with the President of Supreme Court Mr. Ramiz Rzayev.

         Expressing his satisfaction with the participation of the representatives of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in the presidential election as observers, the President of the Supreme Court noted that the election practice in Azerbaijan was improved and the necessary legal basis for holding democratic elections in our country was formed.

         The President of the Supreme Court emphasized that the appeal of each voter who appealed to the courts on the day of the Presidential Election, which will be held on April 11 this year, will be considered thoroughly. The President of the Supreme Court explained his views on the protection of electoral rights, judicial identity of the disputes and judicial practice in this field, and gave detailed information on the procedures for the implementation of election law enforcement, on generation of complaints for defense of electoral rights and about the procedure of reviewing of such complaints.

        The Head of Election Observation Mission Mrs. Corien Jonker, said that she will prepare the report on passing and results of the election and this report will be published in the press.

        The meeting focused on human rights and a thorough discussion on the presidential election, and detailed answers were given to the questions of members of the delegation.

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