Azərbaycan Respublikası Ali Məhkəməsi


4,852 citizens of Azerbaijan are reported missed by the State Commission on prisoners of war, hostages, and missed persons. According to the statistic data, 54 of them are children, 323 - women, 410 - elderly persons as of 01.02.2005.

1,368 Azerbaijan citizens were released from Armenian captivity from 1988 to 2005. 169 of them are children, 333 - woman, 286 - elderly persons.

Irrefutable facts show that minimum 783 persons (18 children, 46 women, 69 elderly persons) of 4,852 missed citizens were taken prisoners or hostages, but these facts were concealed from the International Committee of Red Cross. The list of these persons was drawn up on the basis of testimonial evidences of the citizens, returned from captivity, and other sources.

The International Working Group on liberation of prisoners of war and hostages, and search of missed persons, consisted of German, Russian and Georgian law defenders, and the ICRC confirmed concealing of facts concerning captivity of some people and their further fate. According to Azerbaijan data, most of the people mentioned in the list were killed in the Armenian captivity or dead of tortures and diseases, the last are used as slaves in hard physical works in Armenia and occupied territories so far.

The State Commission on prisoners of war,
hostages and missing persons