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References of citizens are accepted by workers of department of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic, who are engaged in reception of citizens, registration and consideration of their references, and also advisers of this department daily spend a primary reception of citizens in a room for consultations. The rights and rules of giving of the complaint are also explained to citizens there.

Reception Days of the Officials

The chairman of Supreme Court Rzayev Ramiz Yagub Monday 15:00
Acting Chairman of the Commercial Board Abiyeva Kəmalə Nəbi qızı Tuesday 15:00
The chairman of Judicial Board on Criminal cases Hafiz Nasibov Qanbar Wednesday 15:00
Acting Chairman of the Administrative Board Xaqani Mammadov Sayyad Thursday 15:00
The chairman of Judicial Board on Civil cases Gadjiyev Sanan Firudin Friday 15:00



The secretary of Plenum (+99412) 598-36-09
On Criminal cases (+99412) 493-96-77
On Civil cases (+99412) 493-18-84
On Economic cases (+99412) 493-95-11
On Administrative cases (+99412) 493-74-30
On cases of Reception (+99412) 498-72-69
Fax (+99412) 498-72-69
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The address

Yusif Safarov street, 14, quarter 1193, Baku (Postal index АZ 1025)



Bank Requisites

VÖEN: 1300189391
Name: The International Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic,Central Branch
Code: 805722
Correspondent account: AZ03NABZ01350100000000002944
VÖEN: 9900001881
The paying Organization  
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Account number: AZ85CTRE00000000000003027901
VÖEN: 2001462101