Azərbaycan Respublikası Ali Məhkəməsi

14.12.2011 The Internatial Conference Devoted to the Behaviours Matters of Judges has Completed its Work
13.12.2011 Meeting in the Supreme Court
12.12.2011 Great Leader was Commemorated in the Supremecourt
08.12.2011 "The Electronic Services Division" of the Supreme Court took the 3rd place in "The best e-service" nomination
25.11.2011 A workshop was held with the participation of judges from Germany
22.11.2011 Information of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan
11.11.2011 Chairman of the Supreme Court held a meeting in Shirvan Court of Appeal
02.11.2011 The delegation headed by Minister of Justice of Turkey visited the Supreme Court
28.10.2011 Plenum of the Supreme Court 28.10.2011
20.10.2011 Quests from Indonesia visited the Supreme Court
14.10.2011 Legal Advisor at the U.S. Embassy visited the Supreme Court
04.10.2011 A new form of judicial power is the product of national independence
24.09.2011 Judge of the Supreme Court took part in an international conference held in Georgia
22.09.2011 Visit of Mr. Ramiz Rzayev, Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Ukraine
07.09.2011 Chairmen of district election commissions were provided with detailed information on the judicial protection and on the rules of resolution of disputes in court concerning the right to vote in the Supreme Court
21.07.2011 Round Table was Held in The Supreme Court
01.07.2011 Plenum of the Supreme Court 01.07.2011
28.06.2011 Plenum of the Supreme Court 28.06.2011
18.06.2011 Enlarged meeting of judges have been held
08.06.2011 The international conference dedicated to administrative law took place in Baku
07.06.2011 Georgian ambassador to Azerbaijan met with chairman of the Supreme Court
31.05.2011 Cooperation between judicial bodies of Azerbaijan and Georgia is still in progress
23.05.2011 Director of International Association of Prosecutors James Hamilton visited Supreme Court
18.05.2011 Meeting with Chief of the International and European Issues Service of the Ministry of Justice and Freedoms of France Mr. Eric Metrpyer
07.05.2011 A Meeting dedicated to the 88-th anniversary of the Great leader took place in the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic
03.05.2011 Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan visited the Supreme Court
29.04.2011 Meeting with the delegation headed by Minister of Justice - Prosecutor General of Republic of Georgia Zurab Adeashvili
27.04.2011 Meeting with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Darius Valys and Director General of Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Zimantas Pacevicius
11.04.2011 In the Italian city Trieste was held the Seminar "The independence of judges and prosecutors: Prospects and Challenges"
31.03.2011 Plenum of the Supreme Court 31.03.2011
18.03.2011 Delegation headed by minister of justice of Morocco visited Supreme court
15.03.2011 Representatives of non-Government organization visited Supreme court
04.03.2011 Plenum of the Supreme Court 04.03.2011
28.02.2011 Business trip of President of Supreme Court of Croatia to Azerbaijan
22.02.2011 Meeting in Supreme court
15.02.2011 Meeting in Supreme court
02.02.2011 European Continental Judicial System is implemented in Azerbaijan
01.02.2011 World Bank realizes a new project
31.01.2011 The Foundation of the International Legal Cooperation expands relations with Azerbaijan
18.01.2011 Plenum of the Supreme Court 18.01.2011
18.01.2011 Memory of the victims of the tragedy of January 20, 1990 was honored in the Supreme Court