Azərbaycan Respublikası Ali Məhkəməsi

Interviews, speeches
Address of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the participants of the international conference dedicated to the centennial of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan
  • Dear Mr.Chairman,

    Dear conference participants,

    I would like to greet you on behalf of the speaker of the Parliament Madame Sahiba Gafarova and convey the message of the Parliament to the conference participants. 

Speech by Ramiz Rzayev, President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the conference on “Implementation of the European Convention of Human Rights in Azerbaijan: Legal aspects and challenges”
  • I would like to thank the Baku office of the Council of Europe, especially the head of the office, Mr. Zoltan Hernyes, for organizing the conference. The conference is dedicated to a very interesting topic - the application of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

To the employees of Justice and the Court of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • Dear workers of Justice, judges and veterans, Warmly congratulate you on the 90 th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Justice. 
    The justice system in Azerbaijan has a rich history. This story, which the foundation was laid in the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, reflects the struggle of our people for independence, its glorious past. November 14, 1918 approved the Regulations of the Chamber of Azerbaijan, providing for the creation based on democratic principles of the judicial system, and November 22 - Regulation of the Ministry of Justice, a number of decisions, legislation developed in the field of justice and judicial administration.