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To the attention of citizens

Category: News 16.07.2019 12:00
  • According to the schedule for reception of citizens in the regions, on July 19, the chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ramiz Rzayev will receive citizens in Sheki, the chairman of the Administrative and Economic board Hikmat Mirzayev will receive citizens in Gah, and the chairman of the Criminal board Shahin Yusifov will receive citizens in Zagatala.

          The appeals of citizens regarding the activities of the courts will be considered at the reception.

          Reception of citizens will start at 10:00 in the Sheki Court Complex (address: Sheki city, S.Mumtaz Street), Gakh District Court (address: Gakh city, Azerbaijan Avenue, 16), Zagatala District Court (address: Zagatala city, May 28 street, 46).

          Citizens can register for reception in the Supreme Court, Sheki Court of Appeal (Sheki Court Complex), Zagatala District Court, Gakh District Court, as well as by calling (012) 489-07-07 (internal number 18108), 0502455420 and via e-mail

           Press Service of the Supreme Court

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