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Supreme Court has launched registration of volunteers

Category: News 7.05.2019 12:35
  • Since May 6, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan has launched a new registration of young people wishing to volunteer.

    The Volunteer Program is intended the involvement of people between the ages of 18 and 26, mainly studying or working in the field of law.

    Young people who want to volunteer should have aspiration and desire to adequately represent the organization they work for. Foreign language skills of volunteers are an advantage. The decisions of the Supreme Court of Human Rights are discussed in the seminars held weekly and young volunteers will participate there.

    Co-operation with volunteers is an integral part of the activities and projects carried out by the Supreme Court in the field of youth policy, as well as provided public services.

    Volunteers who want to join the program can sign up in the section of the Supreme Court's website created for volunteers.

    Documents required are: copy of ID card, copy of student card or diploma, curriculum vitae and 3x4 photo.

    For more information please call: 012 489 52 30, 012 489 07 07 (int. 18120, 18122, 18123, 18140)

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