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A new search engine has been established for searching the decisions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan based on different criteria

Category: News 22.09.2021 15:18
  • The Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to take measures towards creating a uniform case law aimed at improving the quality of justice in order to ensure a unified approach towards resolving legal issues in the courts.

    As a continuation of the work done in this field, a new search engine has been created by the staff of the Department of e-Court and Information Technologies of the Supreme Court and other departments of the Registry to ensure an effective search of the court decisions on the basis of different criteria. The system can be accessed from the homepage of the website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan and from the "Electronic Services" section of the website (

    Users can access information from the search engine by using appropriate functions, as well as by using text-based search function.

    The newly created search engine will allow users discern easily the legal position of the Supreme Court on disputed legal issues by using certain words and phrases, as well as by choosing different criteria related to the specific subject of the case reviewed in the Plenum and the Chambers of the Supreme Court. This way the lower courts and the public in general will have an easy access to the legal approaches of the Supreme Court through its decisions on various legal issues. This will ultimately have a considerable impact on the formation of a uniform case law, as well as have a significant contribution to the predictability of law.

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