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An event on the "Judicial and legal reforms for the youth" was held at the Supreme Court

Category: News 3.12.2021 15:48
  • The training organized by the European Law Students Association - Baku Public Union (ELSA Azerbaijan) with the support of the Supreme Court, the Bar Association and the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held at the Supreme Court on 3 December in connection with the “Educating Youth on Judicial and Legal Reforms” project.

    The aim of the training was to educate law students and young lawyers about the reforms implemented in the judicial system in line with the implementation of the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev "On deepening reforms in the judicial system" from 3 April 2019.

    Judges, members of the bar association, young lawyers and students participated in the event.

    Speaking at the opening of the event, Vice-President of the Supreme Court Çingiz Əsgərov greeted young lawyers and students at the Supreme Court and wished them success. Çingiz Əsgərov spoke about the work done implementing the provisions of the Decree "On deepening reforms in the judicial system" from 3 April 2019, the activities of the Supreme Court and measures taken to deepen judicial and legal reforms, as well as thanked the Youth Foundation for its support in organizing the event. It was noted that the training held in the building of the Supreme Court is important in terms of preparing future lawyers and expanding their knowledge of the judiciary.

    Chairman of the Bar Assocation Anar Bagirov noted the successful operation of ELSA Azerbaijan in recent years. ELSA and legal organisations operating in Azerbaijan have established a working relationship. The Bar Association has been working closely with law students since 2018, supporting many of the organization's initiatives.

    President of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court Sanan Hajiyev made a presentation on the "Reforms in the judicial system" at the training session and informed about the judicial and legal reforms implemented in our country in recent years.

    Executive Director of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan Farid Jafarov said that the Foundation supported several projects, ideas and initiatives of the ELSA Azerbaijan organization and this work continues. He stressed that the organization's international event in 2019 is a significant event for the Azerbaijan's youth policy.

    Member of Parliament Kamal Jafarov said that today Azerbaijan needs modern, independent-minded, committed to public policy, professional young lawyers and staff. Kamal Jafarov said that holding the events of ELSA Azerbaijan in the administrative building of the Supreme Court was a positive experience and thanked the Youth Foundation for supporting the project.

    At the end, the members of ELSA Azerbaijan got acquainted with the working conditions created in the building of the Supreme Court.

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