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Vice-President of the Supreme Court Çingiz Əsgərov participated in the conference organized in the Agali village of Zangilan

Category: News 24.08.2022 15:00
  • Vice-President of the Supreme Court Çingiz Əsgərov participated in the conference on the topic of “The Great Return to the liberated territories of Azerbaijan: violated rights and their restoration” held on 24 August 2022, which was also attended by the representative of state bodies, international organizations in our country, and non-governmental organizations.

    Speaking at the conference, Ç. Əsgərov emphasized that the Agali village, the first smart village in our country, clearly demonstrates that Azerbaijan is determined to restore the territories liberated from occupation in the most modern form and to rebuild all settlements.

    The Vice-President of the Supreme Court noted that the works carried out towards restoring the rights of our citizens who were forcibly displaced from their homelands as a result of the military aggression of Armenia against our country have always been in the center of attention of both the National Leader Heydar Aliyev and the Honorable Mr. President Ilham Aliyev. Necessary measures have been taken at the same level in the legal sphere, as have been taken in social and economic fields in this direction.

    The Vice-President of the Supreme Court drew the attention of the conference participants to the final judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 16 June 2015 on the application of Chiragov and others against Armenia. He noted that immediately after the Republic of Azerbaijan recognized the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights, the preparation of applications against Armenia by internally displaced persons from various occupied regions at that time was initiated and communicated to the European Court with the support of Azerbaijani lawyers.

    The Vice-President of the Supreme Court has stated that in this judgment the Court found violations of the right to respect for private and family life, and property rights of the Azerbaijani citizens by the Republic of Armenia and ordered the payment of compensation which was the first international court decision recognizing Armenia’s occupation of the Azerbaijani territories. It was also pointed out that in spite of a significant passage of time since the judgment has come into force, Armenia refused to pay compensation to the applicants and therefore Azerbaijan has launched appropriate measures in the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which supervises the implementation of the decision of the European Court.

    Çingiz Əsgərov also provided extensive information to the participants of the conference about the interstate application filed by Azerbaijan against Armenia before the European Court, and emphasized that the main aim of the inter-state application is to hold Armenia legally responsible for the violation of human rights stipulated in the Convention of our citizens that were forcibly displaced as a result of the military aggression.

    The Vice-President of the Supreme Court said that the facts of the destruction of residential houses, educational and religious institutions, cemeteries, environment and other public objects by Armenia on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan during the occupation period are presented in detail in the interstate application, which is why the violations of rights and freedoms of the citizens of Azerbaijan stipulated in the Convention are noted.

    Noting with regret that even today the Republic of Armenia continues allowing such illegal actions, Çingiz Əsgərov said that, despite all this, he is certain that the work done by Azerbaijan, including the work carried out in international courts, unlike Armenia, serves the establishment of peace and justice in the region.

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