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Information of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Category: News 29.10.2010 12:35
  • On October, 29, 2010 chairman of the Civil Board of the Supreme Court Mrs. Shalala Mammadova met with the delegation headed by the Head of the CIS Observation Mission Mr. Yevgeniy Sloboda concerning the elections to the National Assembly.

    Chairman of board spoke about the actions directed on modernization of judicial system, on increase of productivity of justice and on guarantee of supremacy of law, and also noted that those actions serve to protect the rights and freedoms of the person. 

    Concentrating on the fact that the elections will be held democratically, chairman of board noted that the complaint of the voter, who addressed to court concerning the elections, was considered according to all requirements. 

    Head of the CIS Observation Mission Mr. Yevgeniy Sloboda said that his delegation had arrived to observe the process of elections. He noted that identical conditions for the candidates were created and no serious abuses of law were observed before the elections. Head of the CIS Observation Mission emphasized that the activity of the Central Election Commission was satisfactory. Mr. Yevgeniy Sloboda also stated that the reports on preparation for elections and on results of elections to National Assembly would be prepared. 

    In the conditions of a productive exchange of opinions guarantee of human rights and elections to the National Assembly were discussed.

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