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A group of the Supreme Court judges were sent on a pension in the ceremonial arrangement

Category: News 2.07.2010 12:35
  • In compliance with Article 96 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, on July 2, 2010, a group of the Supreme Court judges were ceremonially sent on a pension.

    Mr. Ramiz Rzayev, Chairman of the Supreme Court, who opened the ceremony in his introductory speech, noted that the judges who are sent on a pension, had worked both in the Soviet period and in the period of independence. Each of them was appointed the judge of the Supreme Court by the recommendation of Nation-wide leader Heydar Aliyev. Nariman Huseynov, Ogtay Magsudov, Muzaffar Aghazadeh, Vidadi Hashimov and Gunesh Khudaverdiyeva passed an honorable lifeway. Their labor has been highly valued by our State. Four of the five judges who are sent on a pension are Honored Lawyers of the Azerbaijan Republic. The most of these judges have worked in this honorable post for nearly 50 years. More than 30 years he is the judge of the Supreme Court.

    The chairman of the Supreme Court also expressed his recommendations to the newly appointed judges. It was noted that a judge must be independent and just, his/her activity must be transparent. His/her activity as a judge must always increase the faith of the society to judges. Mr. Fikrat Mammadov, the chairman of Justice-Law Council, Minister of Justice, Mr. Zakir Garalov, the Prosecutor General of the Republic, Mr. Fuad Aleskerov, the head of the Department of the work with the law enforcement bodies of the President Office, thanked the judged who were sent on a pension, for their long-termed services on high level in the realization of justice and wished them a meaningful rest. 

    The judges to retire on a pension expressed their gratitude to the State, to Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Azerbaijan Republic, for the attention and care.

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