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Enlarged meeting of judges have been held

Category: News 18.06.2011 12:35
  • By taking into account importance of joint-discussions with judges on improvement of efficiency of justice and liquidation of court faults, broad session has been held by participation of all chief justices and justices of district, appeal and supreme courts. 

    Mr. Ramiz Rzayev, Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan made a speech in the meeting where more than 250 judges took part in. He noted the productive results of recent years judicial reforms which are being conducted by leadership of the State Leader, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, informed about twice rise up of number of judges for reduction of work loads of courts, appointment of 235 well-prepared lawyers which were selected according to progressive selection methods, termination of offices of till 60 judges after evaluation to their performance, stressed the improvement of efficiency of justice, important tasks of courts on protection of human rights. 

    In the session that was jointly organized by the Supreme Court, the Judicial Legal Council and the Ministry of Justice requirements of European Convention, state of implementation of case-law of the ECtHR and current problems were discussed. Reports of the Chief of the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court, Mr. Shahin Yusifov and Justice, Mr. Farhad Kerimov on selection of arrest as restricted measure and results of generalization of judicial practice on crimes against property, shortcomings, their reduction, issues on establishing unified judicial practice were introduced. 

    Also Deputy Chief of Organizational-Supervision Department the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Subhi Kazimov gave information about results of court monitoring, paying attention to current problems in courts, non-abeyance to the principle of competition, non-providing real right of defense by some judges, non-paying of attention to requirements of the Ethical Code of Judges, red-tape and other negative cases were introduced, and importance of reduction of such cases was emphasized. 

    Mr. Iman Nagiyev, Chief Justice of Baku Appeal Court made a speech in the meeting on theme “Problems and shortcomings occurred in appeal proceedings during the course of justice”. Deputy Chief of Human Rights Department of Ministry of Justice, Mr. Adil Abilov also made a speech on theme “Reform of ECtHR: tasks that source from Interlaken and Izmir declarations”. 

    Extensive discussions of improvement of judicial activity and elimination of current problems were carried out in the meeting, and proper motions were proposed.

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