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Cooperation between judicial bodies of Azerbaijan and Georgia is still in progress

Category: News 31.05.2011 12:35
  • Relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia based on strategic cooperation successfully develop in various directions as well as in legal sphere. Meaningful cooperation between the Ministries of Justices of Azerbaijan and Georgia was established on the basis of rich contract-legal base. Bilateral visits impulse for deeper development of the relations between both countries. 

    On the eve of the Independence Day of Georgia opening of the new building of Justice House’s Public services took place in Adjarian Autonomous Republic in Batumi. President of Georgia Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili, members of the government and representatives of diplomatic corps participated in opening.

    Minister of Justice of our country Mr. Fikret Mamedov, Chairman of the Supreme Court Mr. Ramiz Rzayev and delegation of responsible workers of the Ministry of Justice were on a visit to neighboring country by the invitation of the Minister of Justice of Georgia Mr. Zurab Adeishvili in order to take part in the event.
    From the point of view of the concept, building which unites all services of justice, rendered to the people by a principle “One window” is constructed according to style of modern architecture. Advanced information-communication technologies are applied and high-quality conditions for useful service to the people are created in the building. 

    After acquaintance with the building President Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili met with the delegation of Azerbaijan and highly appreciated cooperation relations between two countries. 

    At the same day as the first international meeting in the new building Mr. Z. Adeishvili and Minister of Execution of Punishment, Probation and Legal Assistance Mrs. Khatuna Kalmakhelidze held useful negotiations with the Minister of Justice of Azerbaijan Mr. Fikret Mamedov. Cooperation prospects, questions of legal assistance and delivery of convicts were discussed at the meeting, and a particular interest was given to transformation in sphere of penitentiary system, to creation of a modern infrastructure and to achievements in medical assistance to convicts. 

    Within the scope of visit representatives of the delegation visited the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Batumi and interested in problems of compatriots. 

    At the same time representatives of the delegation together with Minister of Justice of Georgia visited some regions of the country, and the center of area of Kvemo-Kartli-Rustavi where Azerbaijanians compactly live. During the visit to Rustavi, visitors familiarized with its socioeconomic development and new constructed complex of justice.
    During the visit and business negotiations hospitality, special attention and contentment by fast development of mutual activity was expressed to the representatives of delegation of Azerbaijan. 
    On the way back to the country, representatives of delegation visited and interested in development of construction of a new building of court in Gedabek area which constructed within the project “Modernization of system of Justice” jointly with the World Bank.

    The information of the Press service of the Ministry of Justice
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