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In the Italian city Trieste was held the Seminar "The independence of judges and prosecutors: Prospects and Challenges"

Category: News 11.04.2011 12:35
  • From February 28 to March 3, 2011, in the Italian city of Trieste was held the Unidem Seminar European Commission to Use Legal Mechanisms to Achieve Democracy, held a seminar with the topic: "The independence of judges and prosecutors: Prospects and Challenges ".  
    The seminar was attended by the representatives from the following countries: Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia and Armenia. 

    Azerbaijan was represented - by senior adviser of the President Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mrs. Saadat Yusifova, senior adviser International Relations Department of the Supreme Court Mr.Eldar Malik-Abbas and the prosecutor of International Relations Department of Prosecutors Office Mr.Anar Tagiyev. 

    During the presentation, Anar Tagiyev spoke about the experience of an independent judicial system in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the structure and innovation of the court and prosecutor s offices, described the system of judges election, crime statistics, systematically increases of budget for judicial system, and other legal structures. He also demonstrated many interesting facts, circuit diagram, and large number of other informative slides. 
    In the conclusion of the seminar accordance with the theme “The pressure to the court,” Eldar Malik-Abbas stressed the existence of well-known decisions of international organizations regards to the international crimes in Garabakh, Black   January  20 and Hojaly tragedy, and noted that the International Court of Justice had never expressed its opinions and counsels about that international crimes. Such attitude to the international crimes is characterized as kind of form of “pressure to the International Court”.
    The organizers of the Venice Commission of Council of Europe, was recommended participants to hold informative seminars or conferences for discussion about Trieste s seminar.

    In this regard, the April 11, 2011 in the building of the Supreme Court of Republic of Azerbaijan was conducted a seminar in the form of informative thesis. There were presented abstracts based on the problems discussed in the Trieste.

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