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Meeting in Supreme Court

Category: News 21.11.2012 12:35
  • On November 21st, 2012 Chairman of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Ramiz Rzayev met with head of the OSCE Baku Office Koray Targay.

    On the meeting Chairman of the Supreme Court gave the information about Azerbaijani judicial system, the structure and activity of the Supreme Court also noted that the international legal acts are widely used in Supreme Court. He had brought to attention that the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom, precedent right of European Court on Human Rights are being studied and applied in Supreme Court. Newest information technologies are used during the hearings. Selection of judges was brought in line with European standards. 

    After remarking the established business relationship with the OSCE in particular with the European Court on Human Rights the Chairman of the Supreme Court spoke about the importance of monitoring, organization of training for judges, and shared views on increasing the number of lawyers, judges’ independence and on the formation of specialized courts.

    The head of the OSCE Office in Baku, Ambassador Koray Targay appreciated the activities undertaken to improve the judicial system and stressed the importance of the development of these relations.

    There was exchange of views on issues of mutual interest on topics related to the judicial – legal practice and to the actions to strengthen state-building in Azerbaijan.

    The head of the OSCE Office in Baku got acquainted with the administrative building of Supreme Court which is corresponding to supreme status, with the working conditions of the judges and visited historical museum of the court.   

                  At the end of the meeting President of Supreme Court express his gratitude to the Head of the OSCE Office in Baku for showing particular attention to Azerbaijan Judicial system, also for this important meeting and wished new success and achievements in further activity. 
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