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Category: News 4.09.2012 12:35
  • At the initiative of the Supreme Court issued Azeri-Russian and Azerbaijani-English legal dictionaries.

    Authors: Chief of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan - Ramiz Rzayev, professor of Baku Slavonian University Rafik Novruzov and responsible representative of the Supreme Court Konul Aliyeva.

    Editorial board: Judges of the Supreme Court Republic of Azerbaijan Azer Huseynov, Shahin Yusifov, Tapdig Makhmudov, Alasgar Aliyev, Bagir Asadi, Farhad Karimov and Vafaddin Ibayev

    Scientific editors: Doctor of Philology, professor, head of the Nasimi Institute of Lexicography Linguistics Ismail Mamedov and worker of Azerbaijani Languages University Aynur Agazadeh

    Both books were published in 2012, in the "Nurlar" center of publishing and printing.

    Prepared by the Supreme Court "Azerbaijani-Russian Law Dictionary" is composed of about 18 (eighteen) thousands words and phrases, and released to the lawyers, as well as other general reader.

     This edition is informative reference source for a wide range of users, including the judiciary, certain lines of business and the legal system in general, as well as to other readers who use the various aspects of the law.

    Dictionary was prepared in connection with the due process and advise employees of the judicial system, the various lines of business, legal systems and organizations that are directly in contact with the judicial authorities, as well as individuals and institutions used by correspondence, requests, statements and preparation of bank records.

    Later, after the publication of "Azerbaijani-Russian Dictionary" for wide range of readers, with the amount of 19 (nineteen)thousands words and phrases, was presents "Azerbaijani-English legal dictionary " to help lawyers, scientists employees relevant departments, faculty, students, and readers interested jurisprudence, as well as business people who need such special publication.

    This edition, as well as "Azerbaijani-Russian Dictionary" reflects the majority of legal words and phrases used in the legislation and for all areas of law.

    Feature of this dictionary is that addition with legal terminology are well represented new military, fiscal, financial, customs and business terms..

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