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"Azerbaijan-English Dictionary of Law" was issued

Category: News 10.05.2012 12:35
  • At the initiative of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan was issued a "Azerbaijan-English Dictionary of Law" prepared mutually by Ramiz Rzayev, Rafig Novruzov and Konyul Aliyeva.

    This dictionary, which was presented to the public after the "Azerbaijani-Russian Law Dictionary," and includes 19,000 words and phrases plays a valuable source for those who involved in private business, lawyers, scientist working in relevant areas, teachers, students, and also for readers interested in development of jurisprudence. Most words and phrases used in legislation, as well as the words reflecting all branches of jurisprudence have found their place in the dictionary. One of the distinguishing features of this dictionary is that besides of words and phrases, bearing a legal nature, there are also terms used in the preparation of business letters, complaints and claims.

    Should be noted that the publication due to compilation of it in Azerbaijani-Russian languages is a novelty, as it provided an explanation of words in Azeri and English languages, it shall be taken as first in this area.

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