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Meeting in the Supreme Court

Category: News 1.05.2012 12:35
  • On 27th of April 2012 the international expert and the long-term adviser of the mutual program of the European Council and European Union on “Reinforcing the fight against ill-treatment and impunity” Erik Shvanidze met with the head of the Board on Criminal Cases Shahin Yusifov. 

    During the meeting the head of the Board gave the information about structure and activity of the Supreme Court. He noted that the international legal acts, especially the provisions of the European Convention on “Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” and also case law of the European Court of Human Rights are studied in the Supreme Court. 

    Saying that the main purpose of the meeting is the discussion of the results of the prepared report regarding the “Fight against ill-treatment and impunity in Azerbaijan, and efficient investigation of the ill-treatment cases” program, and also over viewing capabilities for continuation of this program quest asked about the steps taken and work done by Supreme Court against ill-treatment and impunity.

     After bringing to the attention of the guest the Articles of the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes which provide for this kind of cases the head of the Board spoke about existing Plenum Decision regarding passing the materials to the judicial bodies when this kind of cases were detect. 

    There was exchange of views on the topics of mutual interests.

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