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President of the Board of the Supreme Court Participated in the International conference Held in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Category: News 23.06.2014 12:35
  •      The President of the Criminal Board of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic Shahin Yusifov participated in the conference attended by heads of the judiciary of the Central and Eastern European countries held by the Supreme Court of the Georgian Republic on June 23-25, 2014 in Tbilisi.

    The conference attended by the President of the Republic of Georgia Giorqiy Margvelashvily, German Ambassador to the Republic of Georgia Otvan Qenninq, the presidents, the vice presidents and the board chairman of the Supreme Court of 13 Central and Eastern Europe countries-  Albania, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Georgia, as well as the United States district Court of Appeal judges Jon Volker and Clifford Vallas and the director of the CEELI Institute Christopher Lemann. In the conference extensive discussion was carried out on the measures taken to achieve the independence of the judiciary, application of the electronic records management in the courts, management of the extended judicial processes, effective disciplinary mechanisms, alternative dispute resolution forms, training of the judges, measures to be taken in order to increase the confidence of citizens to the courts and the judicial power relations with mass media.

    President of the Board of The Supreme Court speaking on each issue of discussion in an efficient atmosphere, gave detailed information about judicial reforms that successfully carried out in our country in recent years, the modernization of the judicial system, the work done in order to increase the prestige of judicial power in society, the requirements of the legislation on the implementation of the principles of justice and the co-operation between courts and media. At the end of the conference, participants prepared offers to make amendment on the Declaration of Principles of Independence of Judicial Power.

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