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Representatives of the assessment mission MONEYVAL Committee of the Council of Europe visited the Supreme Court.

Category: News 17.02.2014 12:35
  • On February 17, 2014 representatives of the Assessment Mission MONEYVAL Committee of the Council of Europe, which oversees the implementation of the evaluation of money laundering and terrorist financing, met with the judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal of Baku and Sumgait, as well as judges of courts of first instance.

    During the meeting, Chairman of the Criminal Board of the Supreme Court Shahin Yusifov, told to the MONEYVAL Committee experts from UK, Romania, Croatia, Russia, Turkey and Macedonia about judicial reform and the new information system of courts, which held on in the country on a permanent basis. During the meeting was pointed out that the courts of the country considered criminal cases regarding money laundering, as well as the legalization of criminally obtained funds and financing of terrorism. From this point of view was noted an effectiveness of application of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

    In conclusion, was discussed the questions of mutual interest, from the representatives of the assessment commission.

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