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In Ganja Court of Appeal was held a meeting dedicated to the results of 2013 with the participation of the judges Aslan Kalbaliev, Farhad Karimov and Azer Huseynov from Supreme Court Azerbaijan Republic.

Category: News 7.02.2014 12:35
  • On February 7, 2014 in the administrative building of Ganja Court of Appeal was held a meeting on the results of 2013 with the participation of the judges of the Supreme Court A.Kalbaliev, A. Huseynov and F.Karimov.

    Meeting was opened by the speech of the chairman Rafik Mamedov, who informed, that under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev in the country in recent years conducted a large-scale reform of the judicial system, which include the increasing number of judges and staff, increased their salaries, created new courts in the regions, as well as was made amendments to the law on the judicial system. The selection process and the modernization became an example of the highest achievements within the European requirements.

    On the meeting was discussed a number of issues that were on the agenda of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court, which was held in January 24, 2014 under the chairmanship of R. Rzayev.

    Acting chairmans of the collegiums, judges, Logman Suleymanov, Fikret Mehdiyev, Chingiz Mammadov and Fikret Aliyev, delivered a speech regarding current situation in civil, administrative, economic and military collegiums, discussed the condition of the considered criminal cases for period 2013, questions and problem of justice in general.

    In his report, deputy chief of staff Elmir Alishzade said about the activities of the Court of Appeal in the first half of 2014, carrying out, in accordance with the work plan of the appellate court, courtroom, court procedures, execution of labor discipline of employees, as well as the results of the measures taken to maintain order activities of the court.

    Judges from the Supreme Court elaborated on each problem discussed, gave details of the decisions of the Supreme Court. Finally, they answered questions from the judges raised during the consideration of cases for the period 2013.

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