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The President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro was in the Supreme Court of Republic of Azerbaijan

Category: News 23.10.2014 12:35
  • The President  of  the  Supreme Court of  Montenegro  was in  the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan.

    On  October 23 , 2014 the President  of  the Supreme Court of Montenegro Vesna  Medenica  met with the President  of the  Supreme Court  Ramiz Rzayev.

    In the meeting the President  of  the Supreme Court  was pleased to welcome the President  of  the Supreme  Court of  Montenegro and emphazised that the relationship between two countries  was successfully developing  and was  entering a new level.

    The President  of  the Supreme Court  noted  the  effectiveness of  judicial  measures carried  and  informed  about the  reflection of this measures in the structure and function of  the Supreme Court. He informed  that  case  law of  the  European  Court  of  Human  Rights, especially the provisions of  the Convention  on the “Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” and international legal acts are applied by the Supreme Court. Modern information technologies are applied in the court system.

    The President  of  the Supreme Court of  Montenegro Vesna Medenica was interested in legal framework  which met  modern  requirements.They agreed to collaborate  for becoming  more familiar with the legal system and legislation in force of Azerbaijan.The guest stressed  the importance of cooperation  between  two  countries and marked that this cooperation would continue in the future.

    The legal reforms and judicial practices were discussed  during  the meeting.

    The guest was acquainted with the building of Supreme Court and Museum of History of  the Supreme Court.

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