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The President of the Supreme Court of Tataristan Republic met with the President of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan.

Category: News 23.10.2014 12:35
  • On  October 23,  2014 the President of  the Supreme Court of  Tatarstan Republic Ilgiz Gilazov met with the President  of  the Supreme Court  Ramiz Rzayev.

    In the meeting the  President  of the  Supreme Court  was pleased to welcome the President of  the  Supreme  Court of  Tatarstan  in Azerbaijan.The President  marked the existence of  numerous examples related  to  the solidarity of  the  people of  both countries with similar  traditions and values.He  also expressed  the confidence  in the  development of relations between legal systems of  two countries.

    In addition the  President of the Supreme Court of  Azerbaijan informed  the guest about the structure and function of  the Supreme Court and  the measures carried out in the legal sphere.

    The President  of  Tatarstan  Republic  Ilgiz  Gilazov talked about the scope of  activity of the Supreme  Court  of  Tatarstan and legal reforms in his country.He noted that the cooperation between two countries was important and this corporation would continue in future.

    The guest was acquainted with the building of the Supreme Court and Museum of History of Supreme Court.

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