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Plenum of the Supreme Court 28.10.2011

Category: Plenum of the supreme court 28.10.2011 12:35
  • The next Plenum of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Ramiz Rzayev on October 28, 2011.

    Opening session of Plenum chairman of the Supreme Court Mr. Ramiz Rzayev noted that in the Republic of Azerbaijan where a special attention is paid to guarantee of human rights and freedoms a fundamental legal base directed on solving the problems of family and secure of children s rights had been created. The appropriate measures on improvement of the National Legislation which regulates the activities in the given area were subsequently carried out. Declaration 2009 “Year of Children” by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev shows that the protection of the rights of children and regular care of them are the priorities of state policy in our country.

    Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic said that laws “on the Rights of Children”, “on the social protection of children who lost their parents and parental care”, “on prevention of homelessness and juvenile delinquency” had been passed taking into account the international practice. At the same time, Azerbaijan joined to several international treaties and to the United Nations Convention “on Rights of Children” and to the optional protocol of the same Convention “on Trade in Children”.

    With the participation of heads of law enforcement bodies of the Azerbaijan Republic issue on “the experience of application by courts the legislation on the rights of parents and other relatives to communicate with children” was extensively discussed at the plenary session as well as the issue was analyzed.

    It was certain that in spite of observance of laws on child protection and care of them some errors of a certain character are made when the cases on rights of parents and close relatives to communicate with children are tried in courts.

    Plenum adopted a decision on the correct application of law by courts regarding the right of parents and close relatives to communicate with children as well as on providing the formation of a single court practice.

    The emblem of the Supreme Court was confirmed on Plenum.

    Specific criminal and civil cases were tried on Plenum.

    Plenum adopted the relevant decisions concerning the discussed issue and tried cases.

    Representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic took part in Plenum.
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