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The facts, collected by the State Commission on prisoners of war, hostages and missed persons, prove that the international legal norms were ignored in relation with the captured citizens of Azerbaijan. The same applies to the requirements of the Geneva convention "Regarding defense of war victims" of 1949, which concerns attempts upon life and dignity, any kinds of murders, rough treatment or torturing and disgracing. The massacre of peace population during Armenia's military aggression, terrible physical and psychological tortures, forcing to suicide by means of merciless treatment and regular humiliation, cold-blooded killing and other actions against Azerbaijani prisoners of war, held in the Armenian Republic and occupied Daghlig Garabagh, are obvious evidences of that.

Some of these facts are as follows:

  • Armenian military forces shot dead about 80 of 117 people, seized in the Garadaghli village during the Hodjavand occupation (17.02.1992). This was witnessed by village residents Seyyur Khanlar obglu Naghiyev, Shahruz Amirkhan oglu Aliyev and others.
  • Hagigat Yusif gizi Huseynova, the resident of Garadaghli village, Khodjavand region, saw how Armenians burned 10 villagers alive on February 10, 1992.
  • Urgent order was given from headquarters radio station ("GSM-7") in Vardenis region of Armenia, to the central radio station in Kalbadjar region for all mobile radio stations during Armenian military forces' large-scale attack to Kalbadjar region, Azerbaijan, on April 1, 1993. It was demanded to annihilate and burry all Azerbaijan citizens, who were seized captive, including elderly persons, women and children. This was aimed at hiding the traces of their barbarism towards Azerbaijanis, from international delegation and journalists which were visiting battle fields. The orders given by Armenian commanders were recorded by the Radio Intelligence Service of the Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of National Security on April 6, 1993.
  • 15 peaceful residents of Bashlibel village were shot on the spot during the occupation of the Kalbadjar region. There were Mahammad Amraliyev, Surkhay Amraliyev, Chingiz Amraliyev, Aygun Amraliyeva, Busat Ahmadova and Chichak Hasanova among them as well. Khasay Mahammad oglu Amraliyev and Binnat Abdulali oglu Ahmadov were the witnesses of that event.
  • According to Imarat Mamishova, she was seized hostage with two children during occupation of Kalbadjar region. Eight civilians and her son Taleh were shot and burned in Imarat Mamishiva's presence. Then Armenians took her, her 10 years old son Yadigar, other women, children and old people to Khankandi and subjected them to terrible tortures.
  • According to the evidences of the Ahmadovs family, released from Armenian captivity in 1994, Armenians shot about 25 civilians of Gadjar village, Fuzuli region, before their eyes.
  • Hasan Madjid oglu Huseynov, held in Armenian captivity, says that about 40 civilians were killed on Horadiz-Fuzuly road in 1993.
  • The Armenian Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that 8 Azerbaijan prisoners of war were killed at attempt to flee on February 16, 1994. Professor Derek Paunder, the member of the International Law and Social Medicine Academy Presidium and British "Doctors for human rights" organization notified that Azerbaijan prisoners of war were killed in result of shot to temple with the same gun at a short distance and denied the idea that they were killed at attempt to flee at forensic medical examination, made over corpses in Baku.
  • Niyaz Balay oglu Zeynalov, returned from captivity, says that Armenians burned Sariya Tagi gizi, the resident of Gushchular village, Susha region, born in 1910, Yegana Dadash gizi Madatova, born in 1920, and Movsum Abdulrahim oglu Ahmadov on February 11, 1992.
  • Former prisoner of war Budag Ali oglu Alishanov of 61 years old witnessed how 5 Azerbaijanis were used as slaves in hard works and killed in Drmbom village, Daghlig Garabagh.
  • Israyil Sarif oglu Ismayilov confirms that Armenians cut 3 Azerbaijanis' heads off over an Armenian grave.
  • Samaya Karimova, the resident of Lachin region, could not stand up tortures toward her and her daughter and committed suicide in the Armenian captivity.
  • Taleh Madat oglu Ibishov, born in 1977, seized captive with his family during occupation of Lachin region on May 18, 1992, said that Armenians butchered his father Madat Avaz oglu Ibishov and sister Yegana Madat gizi Ibishova, born in 1967.
  • Ilham Nasirov, born in 1973, died with diagnosis cachexy in Yerevan military hospital on November 23 1993 as he was kept hungry and thirsty for long time.
  • Forensic medical examination of remains of Farhad Rahman oglu Atakishiyev of 20 years old, dead in Armenian captivity, prove that he died of regular beatings and hard tortures.
  • Heydar hedarov, the resident of Yardimli region, was killed in result of regular tortures on 24.12.1994. Habib Aliyev, Avaz Mukhtarov, Abulfat Gasimov and others witnessed this.
  • Faig Shahmali oglu Alimammadov, the resident of Khodjali town, was shot by Armenian military man as he refuse to call Gandja as Kirovobad. Zulfi Ibrahim oglu Mammadov, Mammad Jumshud oglu Mammadov and others witnessed this.
  • According to evedences of Abuzar Manafov, Hasan Huseynov and Aydin Maharramov, released from captivity, jailers Kolya, Slavik and Gor by name killed Ilgar Anvar oglu Gurbanov of Beylagan region origin with tortures on February 14, 1994
  • Fikrat Hasan oglu Huseynov, born in 1962, the resident of Shamkir region, died from regular beatings and tortures in the Armenian captivity on June 28, 1993. Bakhtiyar Ibrahim oglu Tagiyev and Matlab Shiraslan oglu Allahverdiyev, released from captivity, are witnesses of this fact. Rib fracture was discovered on Fikrat Hasan oglu Huseynov's corpse during forensic medical examination in Baku.
  • Zohrab Nadir oglu Heydarov, released from captivity, said that Zahid Nasibulla oglu Amrullayev, born in 1973, was stifled by Armenian jailers in Shusha prison on May 21, 1993.
  • Mashallah Bandaliyev, released from captivity, told that Sarkisyan Vazgen and Mero, the owner of garage, where he was kept, subjected dumb prisoner of war, whose name is unknown, to different tortures and then cut his head off.

The State Commission on prisoners of war,
hostages and missing persons