Azərbaycan Respublikası Ali Məhkəməsi


Azerbaijan's relations with neighboring countries. 
Azerbaijan pays special attention to bilateral relations with individual foreign countries, which create a logical unity with its multilateral relations, including relations with neighboring countries. 
Relations with the Republic of Turkey, the first to recognize Azerbaijan's independence and to this day supports our position, is of paramount importance. Bilateral relations between the two countries that are ethnically, culturally, linguistically closely related to each other, now more expanded and deepened to the level of strategic cooperation. Relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey to the development occurring in the region's geopolitical and economic developments, the implementation of trans-regional economic projects, as well as the official Ankara's efforts aimed at resolving the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, including measures taken in the framework of various international organizations, demonstrating full compliance with their position and level quality of cooperation between the two countries. 
Given the strong influence of Russia in South Caucasus, Azerbaijan's foreign policy pays special attention to the northern direction, which is of great importance. Azerbaijan, which is making efforts to reduce tension and create a neighborly atmosphere in the region, is a supporter of further development of mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia in economic, political, social and cultural spheres. As a result of such a constructive attitude, we can speak about positive trends emerging here, especially about the "warming" of relations, manifested in the mutual visits of Presidents, the agreement between Azerbaijan and Russia on the division of the Caspian Sea into national sectors, as well as on cooperation, which covers various areas, including security of both parties. 
One of the main directions of Azerbaijan's foreign policy is relations between Azerbaijan and Iran, which have a rich common heritage of history and culture. From the first days of its independence, Azerbaijan has attached great importance to relations with Iran. Azerbaijan is trying to strengthen mutually beneficial ties with Iran in the fields of politics, economy and culture. 
Round intensification of cooperation and partnership with Georgia and Ukraine, who have similar interests with Azerbaijan, is one of the main important issues for our country. The existence of common interests in Azerbaijan with these countries, delivery of hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian Sea to world markets and restore the historic silk route for a connection between Europe and Asia, as well as participation in joint trans-regional projects, such as providing mutual guarantees of total security once again proves the importance of these relations. 
In the system of external relations of Azerbaijan occupy a prominent position with the countries of Central Asia. In addition to our common historical and cultural roots, the accession of Central Asian states to the project, where Azerbaijan is one of the main participants, contributed to the further development of close economic and political ties with these countries. One result of this policy is the fact that Azerbaijan could become a reliable bridge to Central Asia in the European space and the market. 
Azerbaijan's relations with countries that are not its neighbors 
Along with the above, the relations with developed Western countries, which are not immediate neighbors, Azerbaijan occupies one of the most important places in our foreign policy. Our country attaches great importance to relations with the United States. Azerbaijan, for the sake of strengthening the ability to protect its security, territorial integrity and independence, and is interested in further developing these relations. Given that the development of these relations is the impetus for economic and political progress of Azerbaijan, oil and gas projects of the Caspian Sea and the establishment of trans-regional corridor connecting East and West, the cooperation between Azerbaijan and the United States acts as the main element of our country's integration into the global economic system. Recent trends observed in the world, the emergence of new threats, hampering international security, demanded further strengthening of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the United States. Azerbaijan, as an important U.S. ally in the region, continues to develop these strategic relationships. 
Azerbaijan's relations with the countries of Western Europe is of particular importance. The development of these relations has a positive impact on the implementation of fundamental reforms in the public and private sectors, as well as the creation of a modern market economy and attracting foreign investment. It should be noted that the countries of Western Europe for Azerbaijan serve as the main export market. Besides, Azerbaijan is benefiting from advantageous cooperation with countries of Western Europe in the process of becoming a civil society a high degree. 
The importance of developing mutually beneficial cooperation with advanced countries in the east as China and Japan, influenced the adoption of Azerbaijan even more drastic measures to implement the project "Silk Road". The increasing prestige of China and strengthen its position in Eurasia, increased the intensity of the relations between Azerbaijan and China. Active Japan's accession to the economic projects in Azerbaijan and mutual interest in further deepening bilateral relations have created a fertile ground for the disclosure of the rich potential of relations between Azerbaijan and Japan on a permanent basis.
The rise of new economic and political power centers in the Southeast and South Asia has contributed to increasing interest in foreign policy of Azerbaijan in this direction. 
It should be noted relationship with Pakistan, which fully supports the just position of Azerbaijan in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, which reached to the level of partnership, as well as with India - to the level of cooperation. 
Azerbaijan has great potential in relations with the countries of the Middle East. These relationships are built taking into account the geopolitical significance of the Middle East, the rich energy resources, there were more potential investments in the region. Azerbaijan positive attitude towards the continuous development of mutually beneficial relations with the countries of the Middle East, considering a very profitable trade, technological and financial capabilities of the countries of the region. 
Thus, the Republic of Azerbaijan, has successfully balanced foreign policy that seeks to strengthen the position of Azerbaijan on a global scale, as well as making it a very important country in the Caspian Sea - Caucasus region, creating and protecting the environment, which provides a safe and happy future for Azerbaijan people .