Azərbaycan Respublikası Ali Məhkəməsi


Azerbaijan as an independent state, broadening and deepening the work on regional and global levels, including cooperation in the international arena, became a member of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Council, the Organization of Islamic Conference, the Commonwealth of Independent States and many other organizations. Azerbaijan is also one of the founders of the GUAM regional group. 
Azerbaijan – UN
Thus, in the foreign policy of Azerbaijan, the United Nations, of which he is seen as a universal international organization with the utmost importance. Along with the above-mentioned UN Security Council resolution on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, it should be noted assistance aimed at the partial improvement in the plight of refugees and internally displaced persons in Azerbaijan by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. You can also cite as an example the important role played by the UN Development Program, support to countries in connection with various projects in the framework of relations of Azerbaijan - the UN. In addition, it is impossible to ignore and activities of UNESCO, UNICEF and other UN specialized agencies. 
Azerbaijan – OIC
Once in 1991, Azerbaijan became a member of the OIC, it is within this organization has become an active participant and serves as an advocate further strengthening of relations with the Organization of Islamic Conference, are important. Organization of Islamic Conference is the first international organization to recognize and denounce Armenia as an aggressor. This clear and fair position of the OIC on the vital issue has created a fertile ground for the development of our relations with this organization for the growing line. 
Azerbaijan – OSCE
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, of which Azerbaijan became in 1992, is the only organization that covers all countries of the European continent. In 1992, Azerbaijan acceded to the Helsinki Final Act of the OSCE in 1993 - to the Charter of Paris, in 1999 - the Charter for European Security, which are the main instruments of the organization. The role played by the OSCE in the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, cooperation within the organization have a special place in the foreign policy of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is also cooperating with the OSCE in the field of democratization and in this area include monitoring elections, projects implemented by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, etc. 
Azerbaijan - Council of Europe
One of the main priorities of Azerbaijan's foreign policy is integration into European institutions. Therefore, Azerbaijan, in cooperation with the European Council, member, of which he is since 2001, is taking steps towards compliance with their national legislation with high international standards. For example, Azerbaijan has established close ties with the Venice Commission, Council of Europe, which provides support for the democratization of national legislation, signed on 25 January 2001, the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and its Protocols, which are the principal documents of the Council of Europe, and ratified their 15 April 2002. Within the Council of Europe delegation of Azerbaijan is distinguished by its purposeful and productive activity in the formation of a fair position of the organization in relation to the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. 
Azerbaijan - European Union
Azerbaijan, speaking from a position of need for closer integration into Europe, has created a multilateral mutual relationship with the European Union. Azerbaijan's relations with the European Union are developing such programs as TACIS, TRACECA, etc. In 1996, between Azerbaijan and the European Union signed an Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation Agreement which entered into force in 1999. This agreement provides for political dialogue, support for the establishment of democracy, as well as economic cooperation and investments. In 2004, with the European Union enlargement to the east, Azerbaijan is a country of South Caucasus in the framework of the initiative "Wider Europe" was included in the New Neighborhood Policy "of the EU. And this creates a basis for further cooperation between our country and the European Union and raises this cooperation to a qualitatively new level. 
Azerbaijan – NATO
Regarding the relations between Azerbaijan and NATO, which is a key element of security in the Euro-Atlantic space, it should be noted that our country, being one of the first countries to accede in 1994, the Partnership for Peace ", ie precisely in that year, when it was presented, took its place in the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. Since that time, Azerbaijan's cooperation with the Alliance is continuing successfully. A striking example of this is the activities of Azerbaijan in the Planning and Review Process and the Individual Partnership Program, as well as the participation of Azerbaijani military in peacekeeping operations in Kosovo under NATO leadership. 
Azerbaijan - anti-terrorist coalition
Azerbaijan, as in some distant history, and now the example of the Armenian terrorism is fully aware of the importance of this evil, after September 11, 2001, as an active member of the antiterrorist coalition led by the United States, contributing to the fight against global threats of terrorism. Azerbaijani peacekeepers joined the peace operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
Azerbaijan – GUAM
Azerbaijan, as one of the founders of this trans-regional group which was created in 1997 under the name of GUAM and consisted of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova, and since 1999, following the accession of Uzbekistan, which became GUUAM, aims to bring together through this organization in the important for themselves and for other States Parties. These include political issues, the mutual activity to resolve conflicts peacefully and in the struggle against separatism, and cooperation in ensuring peace and cooperation in the development of sustainable and safe transport corridors, cooperation with European and transatlantic organizations, and mutual activities and economic cooperation. All this contributes to the development of member countries, as well as generally for the development of the region. 
Azerbaijan – CIS
Azerbaijan, a member of the CIS in 1993, aims to strengthen its independence and the establishment of a zone of good-neighborliness within the organization. CIS also serves as a framework for the settlement activities in such fields as environmental protection, scientific and cultural cooperation and coordination in the fight against crime and illegal turns, etc.