Plenum of the Supreme Court 25.01.2010

27.11.2020, 11:20
Plenum of the Supreme Court 25.01.2010
Plenum of the Supreme Court 25.01.2010
The next Plenum session of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic chaired by Mr. Ramiz Rzayev took place on January 25, 2010.

Opening the Plenum session, the Chairman of the Supreme Court said that the development which covered all fields of activity last year in our country, proceeded in judicial-legal sphere too. By the decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev a new department on the information technology was set up and the material base was strengthened in the Supreme Court. Quality of the cases tried in the Supreme Court was improved. The level of judicial protection of the civil rights in comparison with previous years raised in 2009. 

The Chairman of the Supreme Court spoke on Plenum about the supremacy of law, the transparency of the judicial authority and the goals of the courts in sphere of protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms of the person.

The Chairmen of Boards of the Supreme Court gave the information on process of the implementation of justice in 2009.

The given information was discussed and analyzed on Plenum.

The Chairmen of Boards who made a speech on the Plenum also noted that the activity of the boards had progressed in 2009.

In comparison with the appropriate period of 2008, the number of the tried cases and applications which were received to the Board on Civil Cases and to the Board on Economic Disputes of the Supreme Court, increased in 2009. In the Board on Civil cases was observed an increase by 14, 6 %, and in the Board on Economic Disputes by 28,9 %. In the Board on Criminal cases was observed the reduction by 7, 7 %, and in the Board on Cases of Military Courts by 13, 1 %. In general, the number of cases received to the Supreme Court, increased by 10, 8 %.

In 2008 there were tried 4.388 cases and in 2009 4.862 cases in the Supreme Court. It is more on 474 (10,8 %) cases than were observed in 2008. In 2008 6 sessions and in 2009 4 sessions of Plenum took place in the Supreme Court.

In 2009 was raised the attention to the consideration of the applications, complaints, and other references and to a correct and well-grounded answer to them at legal level. 

There was also observed a decrease of number of references received to the Supreme Court. If the number of references received to the Supreme Court in 2008 was 22.320, in 2009 the number of references was 21. 162. It is less than references of 2008 on 1.158 (5, 1 %). The number of references concerning the additional cassation decreased on 4, 9 %. 

It was noted on Plenum that all changes had occurred due to the correct application of justice by inferior courts in comparison with previous years. 

Work schedule of the Supreme Court for first half of 2010 was confirmed on Plenum.

Plenum investigated particular criminal and civil cases.

Plenum made corresponding decisions, concerning the discussed issues and considered cases.